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Lake side

 is a project supported by Perini Natali collection.

The work is a 14-color woodcut, edition of 50 prints representing the homonymous "Lake Side" canvas from the collection.

The printing process was carried out with the printing master of the Venice academy Massimo Spadari.


no man's land 

first solo show in Napoli at Galleria Luigi Solito

Dec.2021 - Feb 2022


"In "No man's land", a meiosis of geometric perfection, we witness the unraveling of a selective aesthetic perspective enriched by a certain capacity for synthesis, free from any kind of frills, in which the works of art are irrefutably understood as the result of an eternal and harmonious aesthetic balance that takes into account the power of the images, the perfection of the shapes and the effectiveness of the colors. All this allows Baio to illuminate even the so-called "shadow areas"; in fact, all the paintings in the exhibition are metaphorically an exposition of the enigma, in which the "luminous darkness" paradoxically reveals the void, not to be mistakenly understood with a nihilistic tone, with the hope of going forward in order to absorb all the energy productive here present. On the other hand, in the words of Kazimir Malevič, art is a model of behavior and a project of existence, aimed at defining a zero degree of art and society in which in a "new way of feeling the world", strongly characterized by a pure sensitivity, however ontological, cryptic and probably utopian, silence reigns supreme and becomes a majestic and telluric creative force always ready to stimulate the emotional, cognitive and mental sphere of the bystander to whom, deliberately, the 'last word. ("


Mauro Baio

Born in Lecco, Italy

Lives & works in Lecco & Venice, IT


Mauro Baio was born on the 6th of May 1991 in Lecco, a small town located between Milan and the Swiss border, situated between the lake and the mountains and characterized by its beautiful views and unique landscapes. This singular en- vironment leads to a natural infatuation for the dichotomy and the contrast between lights and shadows, which derive from its shape. This is the setting in which the propension for drawing be- came a passion and brought the artist to undertake the artistic career. He has just finished the Visual Arts course, faculty of Painting, at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, where he was able to increase its research for lights through colors.



2018 Graduated in Painting summa cum laude, Venice Academy of Fine Arts.


2024 | “40- LOVE”, solo show at Rubin gallery, Milano

2023 | December, Cober Active way, group show at ArtNoble Gallery, Milano.

2023 | “Premier”, Group Show at Eataly ArtHouse, Verona, curator Luca Beatrice, Mauro Baio,

Chiara Calore, Matteo Capriotti, Andrea Ceddia, Lorenzo Ermini, Olga Lepri, Gloria Franzin, Sofia

Massalongo, Davide Serpetti.

2023 | “Chromatic Courts”, summer show through 30th September, Noire Gallery, 1 floor, Torino

2023 | “Nameless - Trashless” a Vitali studio project, Lecco

2023 | 27/04 - 10/05 group show, Fondazione Brivio Sforza, Galleria Rubin, Milano

2022 | Noire Gallery Artverona, Valentin Carron, Cali Dewitt, Sylvie fleury, Jonathan Monk, Nika


Giulio Paolini, Alex Sewell,David Tremlett, Mauro Baio

2021 | 2022 - “NoMan’sLand” solo show in Naples Galleria Luigi Solito

2019 | 2020 - “Language” The Wrong new Digital Art Biennale

2018 - “Atelier 12” - Accademia belle Arti di Venezia


Prize | Project

2023 - Co-founder and board member, Progetto Ludovico

2023 - Cober Active way

2022 - Residency Fondazione Brivio Sforza, Galleria Rubin

2022 - Residency “Los Ageles courts”

2022 - “Lakeside” project Collezione Perini Natali

2021 - Combat prize (semi)

2021 - premio Cramun (semi)

2021 - ArtBasic artist voice

2020 | 2021 - Premio Arte (semi)

2020 - Sotheby’s & Fondazione Alik Cavaliere charity auction Milano

2020 - Premio Mestre ( semi)

2020 - Cober poles t-shirt project

2019 - 13° Arte Laguna Prize (final)

2018 - Collezione Guido Galimberti



2021 - Skialper june 2021

2018 - Atelier 12, Venice fine arts academy with Luca Reffo.

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