When I paint I try to think about life in my experiences, not about art.

What I want to express is only a factor of compositional and chromatic harmony.

My goals are the best possible composition of the picture.

The major influence is with David Hockney's study, the perception and representation of reality. His way of expressing himself during the 60s, simple and effective with the clear message "less is more" was my first point of reference.

Like him I am convinced that every person has a personal vision of the world, or at least each of us decides to see the one that most closely matches his interests. And so I do when I decide what to paint. For me they are the contrast of the Colors in the Light and in the Shadow. In a certain sense I also bring light into the shade.

The irrepressible passion for color, the study of it and the relationship that one color has with another,

(a color can only be defined if it is combined with another color)

I often express myself only with simple colors and geometries, and I must say that this relaxes me a lot. The artists that I would spend hours and hours observing are all the great post-war US

The best for me are Rotcko and Albers.

My job is the search for balance and aesthetics.

For me, art means living life, and the topics covered are in-depth experiences and studied in their details.

The characteristics of the images I produce are the light, the bright colors, the abstraction from the main action and the immobility in the crystallization of the moments.

The technique used is that oil on canvas 100% cotton.

I look for a simple, clean and essential style.

The flat backgrounds, the attention in the use of light and colors with a strong impact create an aesthetic balance.



2018 Graduated in Painting summa cum laude, Venice Academy of Fine Arts.


2019 - 13° Arte Laguna Prize 

2018 - ArtNight Venice - Accademia belle Arti di Venezia



2018 - Atelier 12, Venice fine arts academy with Luca Reffo.

Mauro Baio

Born in Lecco, Italy

Lives & works in Lecco & Venice, IT


Mauro Baio was born on the 6th of May 1991 in Lecco, a small town located between Milan and the Swiss border, situated between the lake and the mountains and characterized by its beautiful views and unique landscapes. This singular en- vironment leads to a natural infatuation for the dichotomy and the contrast between lights and shadows, which derive from its shape. This is the setting in which the propension for drawing be- came a passion and brought the artist to undertake the artistic career. He has just finished the Visual Arts course, faculty of Painting, at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, where he was able to increase its research for lights through colors.

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